Professional Audio

Huge amout of in-built communication and audio interfaces on SAM5000 series ICs (High-Speed USB, Ethernet, S/PDIF...) and state of the art effect algorithms enable customers to customize audio intefaces and effect units for vocal effects, cross-over, KTV-processing and many more.

Dream DSP Designer© software is an user-friendly GUI (graphic user interface) which allows designing high quality configurable sound systems, used in loudspeakers (e.g. Crossovers) and other Pro-Audio products. The user can use a multiple combination of processes (filters, dynamics, delays etc.), the software automatically generates ready-to-use firmware form this design. This allows optimized time-to-market product design.

How to use Dream DSP Designer for Loudspeaker and other Pro-Audio applications 

5x04USB: High Speed USB Audio Interface solution
SAM5504B or SAM5704B allow lowest cost USB Audio Interface solutions with up to 16 channels audio IN/OUT and up to 192KHz sampling rate.
Evaluation & Development Kit
5504-DK Evaluation Board & Reference Design
5504USB-DK Reference Design
5x04USB Firmware USB Audio I/F
Low Latency ASIO drivers are available from Thesycon and Ploytec.
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